Bishop David Amponsah

Bishop David Amponsah is one of God’s end times servants to the people of all nations of the World. David was called and chosen into the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 12 at the top of a mountain called “Kum Dabo” (meaning Deer Killer) at Gyedua Kese in Ghana, West Africa. He received an unforgettable and amazing heavenly vision of which God Commissioned him to carry the Gospel of Love, hope, faith, healing, and the resurrection of the
Savior Jesus Christ to people of all nation of the world. Not long after receiving the divine calling, there was a burning message deep down in his heart! There was a super supernatural Spirit that was dwelling within his body! When he spoke, his words echoed and went straight into the heart of the listener. Even this many years later, though his voice is soft and his language tender and persuasive; when his words go forth, they are anointed and possess all the
power of the Old Testament prophet. He migrated to the United States in mid-70's. He was trained ordained by Church of God in Christ in December 1977.

Dr. Amponsah has always moved with compassion for the sick and afflicted. For the course of his stand taken for God, sharing the word of the spirit with boldness, simply with enthusiasm that capture the heart of the audience to God. Around the world, Dr. Amponsah is called the Divine Healer and Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. His ministry of prayer,
miracles, salvation, and divine healing moves thousands to the Living Almighty God. Bishop David Amponsah is a trained physician, holds doctorate in medicine, doctorate in Divinity and master’s in business administration.

Bishop Dr. Amponsah is married to Cristina Amponsah, children Daisy, Kenneth, and Christipher.

First Lady Cristina Amponsah

Cristina Amponsah, First Lady/Church Mother of Fountain of Life Ministries was raised as a Roman Catholic in Cayetano Germosen, Dominican Republic where she obtained her early education through high school. She accepted Christ at an early age. When she met her husband, Cristina followed the Lord’s leadership and with her heart made the transition with her husband and converted to Pentecostal. “(Matthew 6:21: For where your treasure is, there
your heart be also.)”

First Lady Cristina engages in special ministry and missionary projects and supports her husband in service. She also serves in the administration of the music department, audio-visual department, and the children’s ministry for the church. She serves as a guiding light to help other Christians see the spirit of God. First Lady Cristina is called to high position and is God's frontline ambassador in the church. According to the Bible, the role of a mother is to love and care for her children. She teaches and trains, nurtures, and
disciplines. A godly mother is to model godly living for her children and take care of her home.

Vocationally she has worked in Early Childhood Education (pre-school) in the private sector for over 35 years. Cristina is happily married to Bishop Dr. David Amponsah. They are happy and blessed parents of their daughter Daisy, and two sons Kenneth and Christopher.